Plasma Arc Light Whitening System (PALWS)

Why use dental whitenning?
Over time your teeth can become stained from different foods, drinks, betel nut and certain drugs. This discoloration can affect your appearance and self-confidence. Plasma Arc Whitenning System (PALWS) will effectively whiten your teeth so you can always show off your confident smile.

What is Plasma Arc Light Whitenning System (PALWS)?
Plasma Arc Light Whitenning System (PALWS) is one method of in-clinic dental whitenning. It uses an advanced Xenon bulb and liquid light guide technology together with a hydrogen peroxide whiting gel. The patented Whitenning Arc distributes light evenly over the entire anterior area of the patient's mouth, increasing effectiveness while decreasing the total procedure time. The whole procedure can be completed in just one visit.

Who can benefit from Plasma Arc Light Whitenning System (PALWS)?
Anyone with healthy teeth can use PALWS. Those with staining due to tetracycline, dental fluorosis, etc. may require additional treatment for maximum effectiveness.

Is Plasma Arc Light Whitenning safe? Will it cause damage to the tooth structure?
The Plasma Arc Light Whitenning System uses a form of whitenning gel that, when exposed to a specific wave lenght of visible light, breaks down into free oxygen lons which work on the enamel and dentin of the teeth and neutralize the discolorations. It is proven to be safe and effective.

How long after using Plasma Arc Light Whitenning System (PALWS) will teeth remain white?
When properly using Plasma Arc Light Whitenning System as well as avoiding strongly staining foods and drinks, the results of the teeth whitenning can be maintained for a period of about 2 years.


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